How To Get Platinum Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

We are sharing the methods for How To Get Platinum Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair. If you have been one of the girls who have dark brown hair and you have this wish that your hairs get that platinum blonde highlights then you can right away do that! Its method is quite simple, here on this page, we will let you know how to get platinum blonde highlights on dark brown hair! You must know that these platinum blonde highlights have been quite common among girls, girls just love these highlights and they just keep on coloring their hairs with these kinds of platinum blonde highlights. This platinum blonde hair color looks tremendous on all girls. No matter your color is white or brown, you can get platinum blonde hairs or highlights on dark brown hairs.

How To Get Platinum Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

The complete guide for How To Get Platinum Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair is given in the below section. if you have Dark brown hairs and want to change your Hair color then you must try the below method for changing your hair color.

How To Get Platinum Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Platinum Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hairs:

So we are going to share the method for converting your hairs into a new magical look. You can get Platinum Blonde Highlights on Dark brown hairs which looks great and common in all type of women.

  • You have to check if your hair is quite healthy enough so that they can withstand this hair dye of platinum blonde shade. First, you have to make choices of the right platinum blonde shade.
  • If you cannot get the dye then you can too make use of bleach. Then you should have bleach powder and liquid peroxide too. You can have peroxide in different strengths like ranging from 10 volume to 40 volume. You can choose the 30 volume peroxide.
  • Now if you have long hair then you have to section them into four parts. You have to use the pointed end of that tint brush so that you can make a part of your forehead. You have to divide each section right in half just from the tip of each ear to top of your head.
  • Now you can mix the bleach. Take a non-metallic mixing bowl and then you have to combine equal amounts of that lightening powder and developer and then mix it until it gets creamy.
  • Now you can apply the mixture. You have to do one thin section just from one of the back quarters of your hairs first. You have to do the two back quarters first, work from roots to ends. When you are done, you can put on the processing cap.
  • This is all, you can then wash your hairs after 20 minutes. If you think that bleach cannot give correct color to your hairs then you can try out the toner too!

This is how to get platinum blonde on dark brown hair! If you too want to get an idea that how you can try out other kinds of highlights then you can too get that complete info from this page.

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