Chunky Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair Pictures

Have you ever tried the chunky blonde highlights on dark hairs? Do you know about chunky highlights? Here in this post we are sharing the hottest trend for chunky blonde hairs along with pictures so that you can choose the best and the recent hairs styles going to be dressed in 2016 designed by designers and peoples also like these. What you say if before finalizing any chunky highlights we take a glance on what about chunky hairstyles! Chunky means thick, solid or heavy and the term used in hairs for highlights to make hairs looks funky and solid with colorful equalized colored layers. Well this story would be clearer on you by the pictures gallery below in which you will get samples for making chunky blonde highlights on dark hairs.

Chunky Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair Pictures 

chunky blonde highlights on dark hair pictures 02Tips to Choose Chunky Highlights

If your hairs are dark naturally or you have dye them into dark highlights and now you want to apply chunky blonde highlights then you have to do the following

chunky blonde highlights on dark hair pictures 2

  • Choose one as if dark color will be as highlights and the other is lowlight or the opposite colors will be dark and blonde will be lowlight
  • Then apply a pattern of layers equalizing the each section and strand of your hair
  • Let the chunks separately rolled on with silver leaf paper so that the chunks can merge accurately on each section downward
  • Above all the thing is your hairstyle and the chunks does not limit a specific hairstyle because if your hairs are long, short or bob you can make them with chunky highlights and lowlights

chunky blonde highlights on dark hair pictures 05

It is to be suggested you that if you don’t know for how to make chunky blonde highlights then appoint a well trained hair dresser so that you can get that you want exactly. While on the other hand you will miss the actual taste of chunks. Have a look to the following pictures gallery to get ideas for chunky blonde highlights.

These are all the latest and the trendiest chunky blonde highlights on dark hairs pictures and we recommend you that you choose any one from the above shown collection and let us update through the comment box below.


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